Excel tip

Microsoft Excel is a widely used tool for data analysis and documentation.  If you use Excel regularly, you are aware of of its power.

But perhaps you are not aware of some time-saving shortcuts. Here is one I found particularly useful:

Switch Between Excel Spreadsheets Only Using Control & Tab.

It’s very frustrating when you have multiple applications open (such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Chrome, and IE) and you want to switch between Excel spreadsheets only. No matter how efficient you are, this can get on to your nerves in a few minutes.

Use Control + Tab to toggle between open spreadsheets only (keep the Control button pressed while you press Tab button to switch)

Note: While most of the people are addicted to ALT + Tab, the drawback is that it does NOT differentiate between different applications. So if you have 2 excel workbooks open along with a Chrome/FireFox/IE browser window, it will toggle one by one through each of these. Control + Tab will toggle between open Excel workbooks only.





Photo By Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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